Wilderness Devotional Adventure Resources

Hey there wild adventurers!

We hope you have a wild time exploring God's word and world through these activities! Below are some tips, videos, and resources you may enjoy as you adventure through the wilderness together.

Don't forget to take photos as you make memories! And if you'd like to share them with us, tag @saltedfam on Instagram - we love to see pics of the fam!

Number the Stars

    > Marshmallow Constellation Printable

    > Glowing Galaxy Jar Demo Video

Tomorrow's Troubles

    > Beat the Clock Games:

Set the timer and try to beat the clock during a friendly game of family competition!  

Game 1: Empty the Bucket

Split into two teams. You will need one bucket full of water and two empty bowls/buckets. Each team should also have a cup of the same size. Place the full bucket an equal distance between your two empty buckets. Each team should stand by their empty bucket. (You determine how far away they should be from the water bucket.) Teams will stand by their empty buckets. One person will announce, "on your mark, get set, go!" and turn on a 60 second timer. On "go" one member from each team should rush to the water bucket, take a scoop of water with their cup, go back to their empty team bucket and pour the water in. Then, they will hand off their cup to their partner who will then rush to the water bucket and take a scoop of water. Continue back and forth with your teammate(s) until the timer runs out. When time is up, compare how much water each team collected. Team with the most water wins! *Make this more difficult (and hilarious) by placing obstacles between the team buckets and the water bucket! You may have to step over or under things without spilling your water! 

Game 2: Speedy Pops

Everyone gets a popsicle and opens it up. On the count of 3, everyone begins eating their popsicle. You may eat the popsicle however you want but if any piece drops on the floor (have plate under you) you must eat it. The person who finishes their popsicle first wins. Watch out for brain freeze!

Game 3: Melting Cubes

Put an ice cube on a plate for each person competing. Ex: if there's 5 people in your family, put 5 ice cubes on one plate. One person will announce, "on your mark, get set, go!" On, "go" each person should grab an ice cube. You must attempt to melt your ice cube faster than anyone else using ONLY your own body heat. You can rub it between your hands, breath on it, lick it, step on it - whatever, as long as you only use your own body heat. First to melt their entire ice cube wins!

Game 4: Food Scoop

Each player should have 2 bowls - one filled with about 1 1/2 Cups of cereal (the other should remain empty). Place the 2 bowls next to each other, in front of each player, and give each player a spoon. One person will count down, "3, 2, 1, go!" On "go" start a 60 second timer. Each player will put their spoon in their mouth and then put their hands behind their back. Using the spoon only, they will scoop up some cereal from their full bowl, and empty it into their other bowl. All players race to empty their cereal bowls into their other bowls. The first to complete the task, or the person whose bowl is most full at the end of the timer, wins! *To make this simpler for little ones, use one hand to scoop with the spoon (instead of your mouth), keeping your other hand behind your back. 

Game 5: Marshmallow Towers

Each player should have a plate with 3 regular sized marshmallows on them. All players must place their hands behind their back. After shouting, "on your mark, get set, go!" each player must attempt to stack their three marshmallows, one on top of the other. The tower of marshmallows must stay for a count of 5 seconds without tumbling to be the first to win. No other supplies can be used aside from your mouth to stack your marshmallow tower!

Wild Lifestyle

    > Wildlife Feeder Instructions

    Supplies needed: Orange, unflavored gelatin, string, bird seed, skewer, hot water

    Demo Video


  1. Cut your orange in half and then scoop out the fruit from the rind
  2. Using a skewer, poke a hole through the bottom of each orange, and feed a piece of string through the rind, tying a secure knot on the outside of the orange 
  3. Empty one pack of unflavored gelatin into a bowl and add one cup of boiling water. Stir until combined. Then add in 1 cup of bird seed. Stir until combined.
  4. Fill each side of the orange with the bird seed mixture into the orange halves. Refrigerate for one hour to solidify. 
  5. Hang outside and watch for birds! (Or perhaps squirrels...)

    > Walk in His Ways Demo Video

    Grab a permanent marker and some foam flip flops and design your own encouraging footwear!

Lighting the Way

    > Night Signs - Printable & Traceable Bible Verse Art

Survival Skills

    > Survival S'mores - Follow these directions from the NASA website to make your own sun-baked S'mores!