Keeping Things Spicy

Hey there lovebirds! 

There's so many fun things you can do with your spice jar dates. Below are ideas, game prompts or suggestions that may enhance your dates. *Links are fun,  options we've curated from free online resources but are simply suggestions to check out (and are not endorsed or sponsored).

Get Playful 

Card Game Date:

How to play War

How to play GOLF

How to play SPIT

Word Game Date: Guess in 6 - Directions and printable game boards (Like "Worldle")

Hangman directions

This or That Date: This or That questions and printable score sheet

Try Not to Laugh: Clean dad jokes (1) Clean dad jokes (2)

Trivia Date:

Quiz Channel's Guess the Song Trivia by Decade

Guess the movie by emoji trivia

Spin the Bottle Date: Printable Dares

Get Creative

Origami Date:

Easy post it origami message hearts - now you can leave each other post it love notes whenever you want!

Origami book mark hearts - write your message on the outside & keep the bookmarks from each other in your bible or a book you're reading!

Photobooth Date:

Photobooth poses to try: “Silly face/tongues out, prom pose, cross eyed, surprised face, totally crushing, tired parents, what's that smell, back to back, secret spies"

Paint Date Video Lessons:

Remember this is a fun, impromptu date, use whatever supplies you have on hand and see how you do, it's about the experience not the finished product!

Watercolor paint - moon & stars

Acrylic paint - Sunset mountains

Want to get real adventurous? Follow a Bob Ross video - up the anti and keep up without pausing the video, no matter how fast he seems to go! Have a good laugh as you follow along. Remember, with Bob there's only "happy accidents" so whatever you make is great.

Bob Ross - "Island in the Wilderness" painting tutorial

Get Snacking

Mixology Trivia Date: Youtube Quiz Channel's Food & Drink Logo Trivia Game

Get Relaxed

Foot Soak Date: Easy Sugar scrub recipe

Story Date: Listen to an old mystery - search on Spotify for "CBS  Radio Mystery Theater"

Or if you like spooky, try an old-time radio show online ( has a lot!)

Hand Massage Date: Learn to give a hand massage

Ambience Videos: Hawaiian Sunset, Tiki Beach Bar, Seaside (no music just waves), Hot Rocks Spa Room, Outdoor Spa Nature Sounds, Paris Hotel Room 

Relaxing Movement Date: Bible Based Yoga Stretching: Bedtime Yoga with Psalm 23, Relaxing Yoga and practicing quiet with the Lord (Phil 4:13)

Scripture Meditation Date: Relaxing Guided Scripture Meditation on Anxiety (Phil 4:6-7)

Get Smart

Foreign Phrases Date: Ideas of phrases to learn in another language:

I love you / You are sexy / Can I kiss you? / You are my favorite! / Let's snuggle / What should we eat? / Time for bed / You have beautiful eyes! 

Card Tricks: 3 Easy Card tricks by Danocracy, Easy Card trick by MLT Magic

Salty Date: First, read together about the Biblical references to salt - we enjoyed reading this article as well as this one about salt covenants. Next, search YouTube for a video on how Salt it Made, or try this one. Then, ramble off all the reasons to use salt aside from food - then read a list of surprising uses for salt (like this one) and see how many you already knew, and how many new uses you learned about. Bonus points if you go try one out! 

Get Inspired

Around the World Food & Prayer Date: Learn about faith statistics in other countries with the Joshua Project website

Virtual Museum Date

Choose a virtual museum exhibit from Travel & Leisure

Museum Tour Questionnaire: Printable His & Hers Question Page