Why Salt?

Jesus said, "You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people's feet." (Matthew 5:13)

So what does that mean for us and our families? What does it looks like to BE salt?


First, salt brings the FLAVOR.

As believers, we should naturally enhance everyday interactions and relationships because of our joy in Christ.

As families, we should cultivate an atmosphere where we have fun together, enjoy being with each other & experience a richness in our time together. We don’t just “have” to be together, we GET to be together. God-fearing families, come in all shapes and sizes, and they are a flavorful blessing to others.

Salt also keeps things FRESH.

When we remain rooted and grounded in the Word, our faith does not grow stale. And as a natural overflow from that faith, our words and actions will constantly sprinkle truth wherever we go.

As families, we must protect our hearts and minds from becoming stale by digging into God’s Word together, so that we may glorify Him and enjoy Him forever! Engaging in scripture and prayer together preserves our faith and guards us against conflict, brokenness and believing cultural lies.

But salt can STING too.

You know the feeling when you get salt in a wound? It stings a little. And some days, when the Word convicts you, or your words convict others, it may sting a little. But when truth in served in hand with love, the wound can be tended, cleaned, and healed.

As families, we need to foster a safe place where we are quick to listen and slow to speak so that when biblical correction is needed, it is given and received with love and grace.

Jesus warns us not to lose our saltiness. Let's be intentional with ourselves and our families, so that we may live lives full of flavor, staying fresh in our faith, and practicing biblical repentance and reconciliation. 

Remain Salted.

Need some ideas on how to keep your family salted?

> Choose a devotional to use together during breakfast, or on the weekend. 

> Choose and protect a time on your calendar each week/month for intentional family fun.

> If you don't already, spend Sabbath time together with a special meal (maybe that's take out or maybe it's cooking together!) and reflect on things you learned about God this week. Try out these free Mix & Match Family Date cards.

> Pray with and for each other. Keep a list in the house where you can have a prayer request and a praise for each person of the family, every week.